Semen Collection & Bull Boarding

Here at Rocky Mountain Sire Services, it is our responsibility to our customers to produce the most consistent, highest-quality semen possible. Any semen collected that does not meet the minimum quality standards of Rocky Mountain Sire Services is immediately discarded and under no circumstances will it be released for use.

  • Bulls housed at Rocky Mountain Sire Services are typically collected on a regular, twice a week schedule.
  • We proudly offer an in-and-out bull collection service for those customers wanting to bring their bull to be collected in the morning and take him home that same day.
  • Every ejaculation is evaluated multiple times, before and after freezing, by our highly trained team members in the lab to ensure optimal semen viability and high conception rates.
  • Sperm cells are checked for morphology and motility.
  • The number of straws produced varies from bull to bull and is determined by the concentration of the ejaculate(s).
  • Bulls may successfully mount and produce an ejaculate of adequate volume, yet not all collections are viable enough to freeze or pass Rocky Mountain Sire Services thorough semen quality evaluation.
  • Any semen collected and frozen will not be available for use for, at minimum, one business day. This allows for the production and quality control process to be completed appropriately and for the team at Rocky Mountain Sire Services to properly evaluate the success of the semen freezing process.
  • Gentle, halter-broke ‘jump steers’ are our preferred method to collect bulls in a natural process.
  • We can electro-ejaculate bulls that will not jump due to issues such as low libido and health problems, or bulls that are too aggressive to safely handle in the collection arena.
  • We utilize staging pens that bulls are held in immediately prior to being collected to provide sensory stimulation and boost libido.

If a bull has been off collection and pasture breeding, several collections are sometimes needed to clean out the bull’s reproductive system. This procedure allows the bull to expel those sperm cells that have lost some of their viability and are of poor quality. Being placed on a routine collection schedule, often for several weeks, allows the bull to get cleaned out and more than likely back to producing good quality semen.

Straws Collected

Our straw pricing is proportionate to the amount of straws you choose to have produced; where the first straws produced are at a higher rate, but as you surpass certain levels of production the subsequent straws produced are billed at a lower price.

Straws Collected

Price Per Straw

2,000 or more
Semen collected and discarded before freezing due to quality.
$65.00 Flat Fee
Semen collected, frozen and discarded due to quality.
$80.00 Flat Fee