Semen & Embryo Storage

Semen and embryos are stored in large liquid nitrogen tanks that can each hold up to 99,000 straws. Rocky Mountain Sire Services has 24 of these tanks on-site with over 1,050,000 straws in storage for our customers… enough semen to impregnate over 3% of the beef cows in the USA!

  • We store conventional domestic use and export qualified semen.
  • While our primary focus is beef semen, we store and ship semen for all classes of livestock.
  • While we love to store the semen we produce, we can also store any semen you may have on farm, or have had produced at other bull studs.
  • Consolidating all of the semen you own at one location, Rocky Mountain Sire Services, allows piece of mind knowing it is being stored properly, and we act as a great centrally located hub for all of your shipping needs.
  • Our customers’ storage information is always kept confidential, but we are happy to help you promote any semen you may have available for sale in our “Clients” section of our website.
  • All tanks storing semen are monitored daily to ensure your genetic investment remains viable for years to come.

Semen & Embryo Storage

Our semen and embryo storage rates are assessed and billed on the last business day of the month. We asses the total number of straws you have in storage on that date and determine which single rate your entire inventory falls under and bill accordingly.

Semen & Embryo Storage


1-499 Straws (monthly minimum)
$25.00 Per Month Flat Fee
500-4,999 Straws
$0.040 Per Unit/Per Month
5,000-9,999 Straws
$0.0325 Per Unit/Per Month
10,000 Straws or More
$0.026 Per Unit/Per Month


$0.10/Per Embryo/Per Month